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  2000 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide Ballasts


Ballast Sections:
Pulse Start Metal Halide
Standard Metal Halide
HPS ballasts

Wiring Diagrams

Warranty Information


• Vacuum Impregnation for cooler operation of optimized insulation system
• UL Temp Codes equal to or better than the competition
• User-Friendly Installation
  - Color coded wires for ease of installation
 - A diagram on each ballast
 - Printed labels on the leads
• Unbelievable Warranty
 - 5 years on ballasts when purchased as a lamp/ballast system
 - 2 years on individual ballasts
• The core size that you're looking for - same sizes as competitors in the same ballast type
• Customer support - all specs are available on the web - Call for more information
• Dry Capacitors rated up to 100° C
• Flexibility - Kits, prewired, brackets - all in the configurations that you need


  Select a wattage:
50W M110
70W M98
100W M90
150W M102
175W M152
200W M136
210W M___
250W M153
320W M154
350W M131
400W M155
450W M144
575W M178
750W M149
875W M166
1000W M141
2000W M134

All ballast datasheets are in Adobe Acrobat format (*.PDF)
Click on the ballast catalog number to view detailed lamp specifications

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2000W Pulse Start Ballasts 60Hz ANSI M134
Venture Catalog
Input Voltage Frequency Circuit Type
V90U6810 2000 M134 277 60 CWA
V90Y6810 2000 M134 480 60 CWA

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