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  Ventronic™ Electronic pulse start ballasts


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for use with Venture's Uni-Form Super Pulse Start Ceramic (SPC) Lamps
• Higher efficiency
• Quiet running
• Thermally protected ballast (lamp cycles)

• UL Recognized or UL Listed (see data sheets)




Ventronic™ Electronic Ballasts
Wattage Product No. ANSI
Input Voltage Range Input Power Lamps
210 VEN6-210L-MRD5 C183 208-277 227W@277V 210W
210 VEN6-210W-MRD5 C183 347-480 228W@480V 210W
315 VEN6-315L-MRD5 C182 208-277 341W@277V 315W
320 VEN8-320L-xx* M154 208-277 339W@277V 320W
350 VEN8-350L-xx* M131 208-277 371W@277V 350W
400 VEN8-400L-xx* M155 208-277 424W@277V 400W
450 VEN8-450L-xx* M144 208-277 477W@277V 450W


NOTE: * VEN8 Ballasts have the available dimming options
D5 = Continuous 0-10V dimming to 50% of rated lamp power
D7 = Continuous 0-10V dimming to 70% of rated lamp power
Natural White® Lamps (950 Series) should be used with D7 Only.

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