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Horizontal Pulse Start (H75 Series)

The First Pulse Start System Especially Designed For Horizontal Operation
Horizontal Pulse Start



Achieve Greater Performance with Horizontal PS
Why H75? Obtain the benefits of Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide technology in the horizontal operation!
• Longer life and higher lumen output compared to both HOR and universal lamps
in horizontal operation
• No POM base and socket required
• Variety of tubular and elliptical outer jacket shapes and sizes for full cut-off fixtures

Venture's Horizontal PS
• Horizontal operation ± 75° No position oriented socket needed!
• Available in wattages: 175W through 875W
• Long life: lamps with 40,000 hours available
• Optimized for full cut-off fixtures - better light control and less light pollution
• Available in a variety of outerjacket sizes, including compact T15

• Venture's unique formed body arc tube!
• Designed for horizontal operation




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