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Smartpac® Recycling
Saving the Environment

Smartpac® Brochure (PDF, with fax form)
  Smartpac® Recycling    

Venture's innovative Smartpac® service solves your solid waste problem with simple no-fee HID lamp recycling for the United States and Canada:

• Simple - Just send used HID lamps back to Venture, safely in the original shipping carton
• No cost to you for the service; simply pay shipping
• We reclaim 100% of the mercury so that none enters the environment
• Solid materials are reprocessed for use as raw materials or safe disposal
• Meets all North American regulatory guidelines

To learn more about recycling rules in your state or province, refer to the website, or contact your state for guidance.

Venture is committed to reducing energy dependence and pollution. We participate in the EPA-sponsored Energy Star Buildings(SM) and Green Lights® Ally Partnership programs. Our energy-efficient systems conserve scarce, non-renewable fossil fuels by lowering electrical demand, which also decreases air pollution emitted by utilities. Our exclusive arc tube technology is also safer for the environment, using 25% less mercury than traditional metal halide.
Note: Broken lamps will not/cannot be accepted by Venture

It's as Easy as...
1. Buy
Buy metal halide lamps from Venture Lighting. The lamp that gives you clean white light now comes with recycling as an added feature. Just put the used lamps in the Venture Lighting carton and seal it.
  2. Contact
Contact a Smartpac customer representative for your Smartpac Return Authorization Number. For details, call 1-888-223-6359 or fax us at 1-800-200-9718 or e-mail us at
  3. Ship
Ship the lamps back to Venture Lighting. If you are in a state or province that promotes recycling, you can use a bill of lading.

Saving the Environment
through Energy Efficiency and Reduction of Pollution

For more information on how Venture can help you take an active part in saving the environment, click here.


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