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Welcome To The Next Generation Of Metal Halide Lighting,
Uni-Form® Pulse Start Systems
Venture Lighting has created the world’s only complete, optimized metal halide system, the revolutionary, new Uni-Form® pulse start system. A newly-engineered formed body arc tube lamp, low current crest factor ballast and high voltage ignitor are combined to deliver unmatched performance and energy-efficiency.


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A quick overview of all products in the Uni-Form® Pulse Start Systems - the mean lumen advantage

Benefits of Uni-Form pulse start systems - Setting the gold standard in HID lighting

How do we do that? Well, it's simple. We're the best.

The limited warranty that covers both lamps and ballasts, one call that eliminates the finger pointing

The entire Venture catalog, as PDF files, available on-line

Comparision of pulse start metal halide lamps from different manaufacturers from 50W through 450W

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Energy savings calculations for 320W and 350W retrofit situations
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Lumen maintenance curves for pulse start metal halide lamps from 150W though 450W

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