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Uni-Form® pulse start
metal halide lighting systems

The Uni-Form pulse start formed-body arc tube combined with new, more efficient low current crest factor ballasts using high voltage ignitors provides higher light levels initially (20% more) and significantly more maintained light over time (40% more) than today’s standard metal halide.
• Exclusive formed body arc tube shaped to follow the curve of the arc stream
• Patented stronger weldless mount construction - No welds mean less breakage during shipping

Venture's Magnetic and Ventronic ballasts are designed for optimized output to maximize performance of Uni-Form® pulse start lamps:
• Longer lamp life
• Enhanced lumen maintenance
• Excellent system color uniformity
• Hot restart in less than half the time of standard pinch body metal halide systems
• 50% faster warm-up
• Shrouded open fixture protection
• Reduces UV damage to merchandise and signage
• Venture's Uni-Form pulse start line of lamps has the greatest selection of lumen packages: 50W through 1000W
• Most complete line of open-rated products available in the industry
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More Light

A Bright Insight

Many of Venture’s Uni-Form pulse start lamps can be used horizontally, too, giving 20% more initial lumens than standard, universal technology.

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  Longer Life      

Longer Life New 2.jpg (27495 bytes)The Uni-Form pulse start system offers up to 50% longer lamp life because of less electrode damage, reduced arc tube darkening, and improved lumen maintenance. The direct benefits are lower replacement costs and reduced lifetime operating cost.



A Light Word

Using Venture’s 15,000 hour Uni-Form pulse start lamps (150, 175, 200 or 250 W) means relamping less often - labor savings pay for lamp replacement over system life.


Superior Lumen Maintenance

  The combination of the Uni-Form formed body arc tube, pulse start ignitor, and low current crest factor ballast results in higher maintained lumens over the entire life of the lamp. The end result is a dramatic improvement in design or mean lumens. The light output stays bright even after thousands of hours!

350W v. 400UW LMC New.jpg (31244 bytes) 400W v. 400W LMC New.jpg (31110 bytes)

Restrike New.jpg (31142 bytes)The Uni-Form pulse start system combines ignitor starting and improved arc tube design with higher gas fill pressures to provide initial warm up and hot restrike in 60% less time.



Color Uniformity
Because of the uniform wall thickness and the consistency of shape obtained with Venture’s unique quartz sculpting process, all arc tube chambers are identical in thermal characteristics, resulting in consistent halide temperatures. This ensures minimal variation in lamp color as well as higher light output.


Color Uniformity New.jpg (20634 bytes)

Cold Starting

Cold Starting New.jpg (15652 bytes)The external ignitor and the Uni-Form formed body arc tube combine to allow better starting in colder conditions, down to -40°C. Quicker breakdown of gases and higher fill pressures result in reliable starting, even in cold weather applications such as cold storage or freezer warehouses.



Saves Energy

Cost Analysi.jpg (25339 bytes)

The Uni-Form pulse start system delivers more light with lower energy usage. When compared to standard metal halide technology, Uni-Form pulse start offers up to 50% improvement in system lumens per watt. In addition, the use of Uni-Form pulse start reactor ballasts reduces energy losses by more than 50%.

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