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Step into the future
with the Systems Approach to Metal Halide Lighting Incorporating Uni-Form
® Pulse Start Technology From Venture Lighting

The Next Generation of Metal Halide Lighting is Here!

1) Uni-Form Bodies:

The arc tube is now a work of art!

Metal halide lamps started in the 1960’s with a cylindrical tube of quartz with ends pinched shut to form an arc tube. The center section remained tubular (cylindrical). This design has remained basically unchanged for thirty years. Now, with Venture’s unique quartz sculpting process, the shape of the arc chamber is contoured to follow the curve of the arc, a significant change that leads to greatly improved performance.

Venture’s innovative formed body arc tube design makes possible an optimum temperature profile in the chamber. This uniform temperature profile provides even heating of the metal halides, allowing these materials to reach a higher average temperature. Higher temperatures mean more light generated by the arc tube.

Uni-Form pulse start lamps provide superior performance compared to old design metal halide, specifically higher efficacy, better color uniformity, faster warm-up and hot restrike, and longer life. The reason is the revolutionary formed body arc tube combined with improved ballast design.

2) Pulse Start Technology:

Venture now offers newly-engineered ballasts fine-tuned specifically for use with our Uni-Form pulse start lamps. With Uni-Form pulse start technology, the new generation of metal halide lighting systems, a high voltage pulse ignitor in the ballast jump-starts a contoured, two-electrode arc chamber. In contrast, the traditional "tubular pinch" arc tube has two main electrodes and a third starter electrode. Starting is difficult (especially in cold weather), and each start damages the electrodes and degrades lamp performance.

The use of an ignitor allows quicker cold starting and faster hot restarts, a proven factor in longer lamp life and superior lumen maintenance. Now starting is quicker and more reliable, and the reduced damage to the electrodes results in a lamp which maintains its light output for a longer period of time, thereby increasing life.

The Systems Approach to Lighting

The new high performance systems from Venture signify a new approach to metal halide lighting. Lamp and component compatibility is assured because the lamps, ballasts and controls are designed together to provide a lighting system optimally suited to the application.

Lamp and ballast technologies have traditionally been considered as separate. Many ballasts were standardized years ago. Lamp manufacturers have been restricted to designs for existing ballasts. Similarly, ballast manufacturers have been limited to improvements that would still operate existing lamps.

With the systems approach to lighting design, changes have been made both in arc chamber construction and ballast design to optimize the performance of the whole system. This approach to lighting has been tested and proven before an entire line of lamps were created and ballasts made available. Venture Lighting now offers the largest selection of Uni-form pulse start lamps, ballasts and controls in the industry.

Is this really a major improvement?

Are these Uni-Form pulse start lamps from Venture really something new and significant?

Installation after installation confirms the amazing benefits compared to old technology: increased efficacy, better color uniformity, higher maintained lumens, quicker warm-up, and faster restart times (to name a few)! As you read on you will see that Uni-Form formed body arc tube lamps truly represent a major technological advancement, well deserving of being called "the next generation" of metal halide lighting.

What is Quartz Sculpting?

Precision control of arc chamber geometry.

There are two ways to fabricate a fused silica (quartz) arc chamber: the traditional "tubular pinch" and the newer "formed chamber" process involving quartz sculpting.

In the traditional process the ends of a cylindrical tube of quartz are heated and pressed shut by two pinch jaws.

An arc tube created with standard quartz-forming technology has thinner walls in the middle (where the quartz is blown out more) resulting in a weak spot.

Venture’s unique quartz sculpting technology creates an arc tube with amazingly uniform wall thickness all the way around! The result? A strong arc tube which can be operated at higher loading.

The center of the body remains tubular; there is no choice about this. This same disadvantage is present in some ceramic arc tubes which remain a simple cylinder.

In contrast, the formed chamber process starts with a smaller diameter quartz tube that is heated and blown out into a precisely shaped mold that follows the contour of the arc. The mold also guarantees accurate replication of the arc tube shape every time.

Venture’s quartz sculpting technology, uses a computer-controlled process that precisely gathers the heated quartz so that once the bulb is blown out it will have uniform wall thickness. The uniform wall thickness ensures that the shape and thermal characteristics are meticulously correct for the wattage and arc length of the discharge.

The Benefits of Uni-Form Arc Chamber Shape:

  • Higher lumens per watt
  • Superior color uniformity
  • Reduced thermal losses
  • Greater energy savings
  • Faster warm-up and hot restrike
  • Open fixture option

Higher lumens per watt

Because of Venture’s unique quartz sculpting process, the formed body arc chamber has uniform wall thickness, resulting in a stronger arc tube. As a result the loading of the arc chamber-the temperature and pressure when it is fully warmed up-can be much higher than with standard arc tubes. The result is a higher performing arc chamber.

Superior color uniformity

The color of a metal halide lamp is determined by the vapor pressure of the chemicals or halides in the arc stream. Differences in the vapor pressure from lamp to lamp result in differences in the spectral emissions from different lamps. Uniform vapor pressure from lamp to lamp is exactly what has been accomplished with the Uni-Form chamber design. Because of the consistency of wall thickness and shape obtained with Venture’s quartz sculpting process, the arc chambers are all identical in thermal characteristics. This ensures only minimal variation in color in each lamp.

Reduced thermal losses

Compared with the standard cylindrical pinch arc tube, the Uni-Form arc chamber is a compact, contoured design. A standard 400 watt arc tube weighs a bulky 20 grams; the 350 watt Uni-Form chamber (which has a higher light output than the standard 400 watt arc tube) weighs less than 7 grams! This 65% reduction in quartz weight and the elimination of the wasteful heat-radiating pinch fins result in significantly reduced thermal losses. Better retained heat contributes to more efficient heating of the metal halide additives within the arc stream, producing more light.

Greater Energy Savings

The Uni-Form pulse start system delivers more light with lower energy usage. When compared to standard metal halide technology, Uni-Form pulse start offers up to 50% improvement in system lumens per watt. In addition, the use of Uni-Form pulse start ballasts reduces energy losses by more than 50%. For example, the 320 watt Uni-Form pulse start is 25% more efficient than a standard 400 watt system.

Tubular body

Each time an arc tube starts, a small amount of damage occurs to the electrodes, and the arc tube darkens a little. This is particularly true of the old 3-electrode starting technology where arc tubes sputter as they are trying to start.

UNI-FORM formed body

With the new pulse start technology, starting is achieved quickly and efficiently with a high voltage pulse from an ignitor. This permits the use of higher pressure fill gas in the arc chamber which dramatically reduces the damage and performance degradation caused by starting.

Faster warm-up/Hot restrike

Our exclusive Uni-Form formed body arc tube provides faster warm-up and hot re-strike in 60% less time. A high voltage ignitor provides the break-down of the gases to start the arc, a much more effective method for starting metal halide lamps than the starter electrode technology. The higher gas fill pressures made possible with pulse ignitor starting results in faster warm up, particularly immediately after light-up. Combining ignitor starting and improved arc tube design with higher gas fill pressures produces faster initial warm up and shorter hot restrike time.

Open fixture designs

The compact Uni-Form formed body lamp allows easy introduction of a cylindrical shroud or shield around the arc chamber, eliminating the need to enclose the fixture for safety reasons. As a result, open fixture rated Uni-Form pulse start lamps are available for all applications from 50 through 450 watts. In contrast, the bulky arc tubes used in traditional lamps are much harder to enclose in a shatter-proof shroud.

The open fixture rating allows greater flexibility in design, lower fixture costs, and improved maintained lumens through the elimination of glass lenses. Gone is the problem of reduced lighting efficiency due to dirt accumulation on the lens, along with potentially higher operating temperatures created with protective fixture enclosures.

The Advantages of Pulse Start:

  • Quicker, more reliable starting
  • Less electrode damage with each start
  • Better lumen maintenance
  • Longer life
  • More energy-efficient ballasts

Quicker, more reliable starting

While standard metal halide lamps take up to two minutes to ignite, the new pulse start lamps ignite immediately. Taken together with faster warm-up times, this represents a significant improvement in the time between throwing the switch and getting full light output. Our exclusive Uni-Form formed body arc tube provides faster warm-up and hot re-strike in 60% less time than standard metal halide lamps. Additionally, the high voltage pulse ensures reliable starting even in cold weather!

Less electrode damage with each start!

Pulse start technology eliminates the third (starter) electrode. Instead starting is accomplished with a high voltage ignitor which is part of the ballast. This allows the arc chamber designers to specify higher pressures of gas (argon) in the chamber, a feature which leads, in turn, to reduced evaporation and sputtering of tungsten metal from the electrodes at each start.

Better lumen maintenance

The reduction in tungsten metal deposition on the walls directly reduces wall blackening and ensures maintenance of light output for longer periods of burning. Not only do these lamps start at higher lumens per watt, they maintain their output better as a percentage of initial lumens! The combined result is a drastic improvement in mean lumens. The light output stays bright even after thousands of hours!

Longer life

Less electrode damage with use, reduced arc tube darkening and improved lumen maintenance all lead to longer life for the lamp, less replacement for the end-user!

More energy-efficient ballasts

Pulse start controlled current reactor ballasts for use on 277 volt circuits are the latest addition to the Venture product line. These enhanced reactors reduce ballast losses about 50% by eliminating the need for voltage transformation. As an example, a 350 watt ballast will use only 30 watts compared to 60 watts in standard 400 watt CWA ballasts. The current crest factor is only 1.4, resulting in excellent lumen maintenance. These reactor ballasts minimize the current draw during lamp starting and open circuit conditions. As a result, system energy savings can amount to over 25%.

How can I take advantage of the new technology?

Just select one of the Uni-Form pulse start systems from our catalog, and you too can benefit from innovative thinking at Venture Lighting!

Lamps are available in wattage’s from 50 through 1000 watt in open or enclosed styles; clear or coated versions; 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures; Color Rendering Index (CRI) options of 65-90+. Coupled with Venture’s low current crest factor CWA or 277 volt controlled current reactor ballasts, the long life Uni-Form pulse start lamps demonstrate excellent lamp to lamp color consistency.

For More Information on Uni-Form Pulse Start Systems Call:

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Venture Lighting • 32000 Aurora Rd. • Solon, OH 44139-2814



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