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  e-Lamp™ Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide lamps

Lamp Sections:
Uniform® Pulse Start
   Natural White®
   Horizontal Pulse Start
   Designer Color
   10K Lamps
   Sports Lighting
   Double Ended and G12
   Energy Master
Standard Metal Halide

High Pressure Sodium


Venture Lighting's e-Lamp™ product is designed for use with high frequency electronic ballast systems in dimming or daylight harvesting applications
• Achieve even higher system efficacy with the e-Lamp system using an electronic ballast in a constant light output controlled system
• Reduced ballast losses, improved lumen maintenance and better lamp survival at 20,000 hours - The most efficient white light source available for most high bay applications.

high bay performance beyond T5 fluorescent


Select a wattage:
320W e-Lamp M__/O
350W e-Lamp M__/O
400W e-Lamp M__/O
450W e-Lamp M__/O

pulse start metal halide

comparing metal halide to T5HO T5 HO and metal halide
metal halide is better than T5HO metal halide over T5HO

* T5 at 35°C. At 55°C lamp temperature, the lamp ratio is 1=10.6


• Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide systems
   - The best, most efficient choice for high bay applications!
• Compact white light source
• No decline in efficacy with ambient temperature fluctuations
• Well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications
• Lower first and maintained costs, compared to T5 systems
• Higher system lumens per watt
• Excellent beam control and optically efficient - Put the light where you want it!
• Lamp starting in cold temperatures:
   Down to -40°C

Interested in an electronic ballast for your e-Lamp™? Try Venture's electronic ballast, now available in a ballast housing. Call for more information!

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lumen maintenance


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