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Metal halide lighting users expect long life, high lumen output, quick starting and energy efficiency. Venture's Uni-Form® pulse start lamps attain a new level of performance including a wide range of wattages to serve a growing list of applications. Each lamp type is optimized for maintained lumens, life and color consistency. Uni-Form pulse start lamps warm up quickly because of their design, and restart quickly after a power outage. Their full performance potential is realized only when the lamp operates on the right ballast.


Consensus standards among lamp manufacturers assure compatibility of various lighting components. In North America, we use ANSI codes. Internationally, we use IEC codes. These codes assure that lamps and components from different manufacturers will work together. They describe lamp dimensions as well as thermal requirements.

Our Single Voltage Hybrid and HX magnetic ballasts were developed especially for the Uni-Form pulse start lamp family. These highly efficient ballasts offer superior lamp regulation characteristics for optimal color uniformity. Growing evidence shows higher maintained lumens on Single Voltage Hybrid and HX ballasts. We also make pulse start CWA ballasts for Uni-Form pulse start lamps as well as a full line of ballasts for probe start metal halide lamps.

Venture Lighting makes both lamps and ballasts. We support industry standards; however, we understand their limitations. We optimize our lamps and ballasts for peak system performance that goes beyond the standards. This is reflected in our warranty policy when Venture lamps and ballasts are used together. This technical reference provides information on our lamps and ballasts.


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