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Lamp Description Code:
Your lamp has an imprinted code that identifies the important features you need to select a replacement. A complete explanation appears below.

Lamp Description Example:
MP 150W/C/U/ED28/PS/3K

Lamp Type:
150 watt Uni-Form® pulse start lamp, open luminaire rated, universal burning, coated

Metal halide type
Lamp wattage
Outer jacket finish
Operating position
Bulb shape and diameter, if non-standard
start lamp
Color temperature family


BU Lamps designed for base up (±15°) operating position

V Lamps designed for a vertical (±15°) operating position

C Lamps with a coated (diffuse) outer jacket

DE Double ended lamp

ED## Bulb shape and diameter in 1/8 in. (i.e. diameter of ED28 is 3.5 in.)

ELAMP A Uni-Form pulse start metal halide lamp designed for operation on electronic ballasts in dimming applications

H75 Lamps designed for horizontal operation (±75° from horizontal)

HBD Lamps designed for horizontal to base down operating position (typically base down ±90°, except 1500W which is base down ±105°)

HBU Lamps designed for horizontal to base up operating position (or base up ±90°, except 1500W which is base up ±105°)

HOR Horizontal high-performance probe start lamps designed for horizontal ±45° operation; uses POM base

LU White-Lux® lamp - MH lamp for use with HPS ballast
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MBIL High wattage, double ended lamp

MED Medium base

MH Metal halide, typically universal "U", "HBU" or "HBD" operating positions

MP Uni-Form pulse start lamps with a protected (shrouded) arc tube designed for open luminaires

MPI Lamps with a protected (shrouded) arc tube designed to replace standard (probe start) lamps in open luminaires

MS High output MH lamps for dedicated operating positions

PAR## Parabolic reflector lamp - the number (##) is lamp diameter in 1/8 in.

PS Pulse start lamp

R40 Reflector lamp - 5 in. diameter

U Universal operating position

## Reflector lamp beam angle ## in degrees at 50% of center beam candlepower

27K 2700K correlated color temperature

3K 3000K - 3200K correlated color temperature

4K 3700K - 4000K correlated color temperature

5K 5000K correlated color temperature

6K 6500K correlated color temperature

10K 10,000K correlated color temperature

950 Natural White™ lamp, 5000K, high CRI lamps (90+)

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Ballast Description Code:
The ballast product number gives you complete information about the ballast.

An explanation appears below.

Ballast Description Example: V90D1434K

Ballast type
Lamp type, ANSI code
Design Version


Ballast Type
90 Core and Coil

B 120

D 120/208/240/277

E 120/240

F 120/240/277/347

G 120/240/347

H 120/277

J 120/277/347

P 208

U 277

Y 480

AA 277/347/480
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Lamp Type and ANSI Code
10 35W HPS S76

11 50W HPS S68

12 70W HPS S62

13 100W HPS S54

14 150W HPS (55V) S55

16 200W HPS S66

17 250W HPS S50

19 400W HPS S51

23 1000W HPS S52

57 50W PS MH M110

58 70W PS MH M98

59 100W PS MH M90

60 150W PS MH (DE) M81

61 175W MH/150W MH M57/M107

62 250W MH M58

63 2X400W MH M59

64 400W MH/360W MH M59/M165

65 1000W MH M47

66 1500W MH M48

67 2000W PS MH (DE) M134

69 1650W MH M112

71 150W PS MH M102

72 175W PS MH M152

73 200W PS MH M136

74 320W PS MH M154

75 350W PS MH M131

76 400W PS MH M155

78 1000W PS MH M141

81 70W PS MH (DE) M8582 100W PS MH (DE) M91

83 250W PS MH (DE) M80

84 250W PS MH M153

85 450W PS MH M144

86 875W PS MH M166

87 300W PS MH M151

88 125W PS MH M150

91 2X1000W MH M47

Circuit Type

2 Reactor

3 HX (Lag HPF)

4 HX (Lag NPF)

5 Electronic

B with welded bracket

C with capacitor

K pre-wired with capacitor, ignitor if required, & adapter mounting kit

P protected (thermally)

T with 120V tap

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