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    Venture Lighting Power Systems, formed by the acquisition in 1997 of both Ballastronix and Parry Power Systems, provides ballasts for the world's HID lighting markets. Ballastronix, a manufacturer of HID power supplies in Nova Scotia, Canada, originated in 1930 with the Sola Electric Company. Parry Power Systems in Draycott, England produces metal halide electromagnetic power supplies and electronic ignitors for Europe.


• Ballasts for pulse start and standard metal halide and high pressure sodium
• Vacuum impregnation for cooler operation of optimized insulation system
• UL Temp Codes equal to or better than the competition
• User-Friendly Installation
  - Color coded wires for ease of installation
  - A diagram on each ballast
  - Printed labels on the leads
• Unbelievable Warranty
  - 5 years on ballasts when purchased as a lamp/ballast system
  - 2 years on individual ballasts
• The core size that you're looking for - same sizes as competitors in the same ballast type
• Customer support - all specs are available on the web. Call for more information
• Dry Capacitors rated up to 100° C
• Flexibility - kits, prewired, brackets - all in the configurations that you need


Single Voltage Hybrid and HX Magnetic Ballasts
• Superior lamp power regulation
  - Improved color uniformity
  - Improved lumen  maintenance
• Optimum wave shape
  - Lower current crest factor
  - Improved lumen maintenance
  - Lower audible noise
• Improved ballast efficiency
• Cooler operation, longer system life

Electronic Ballasts
• Perfect for programmable constant lumen systems
 - Constant light output and daylight harvesting
  - Continuous dimming of  Uni-Form® pulse start lamps
• Dimming down to 35% power with e-Lamp™
Dimming down to 50% power with Uni-Form pulse start lamps
• Highest system efficiency due to lower ballast losses and improved lumen maintenance
• Improved lamp color uniformity due to optimized lamp power regulation
• 30% increase in Uni-Form pulse start lamp mean lumens compared to standard probe start metal halide lamps on CWA ballasts

Guideform Specs for Ballasts
The pulse start metal halide ballast shall be Venture product # _____________ , ANSI type M-_ _ _ . Circuit type shall be (pulse start CWA, Single Voltage Hybrid 277V and multiple tap HX Ballasts) with a maximum system input wattage of _______ . All system components will be warranted for a period of two years from date of installation.




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