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Grounding and Wiring

Caution: Installation and maintenance should only be performed with the circuit turned off.

Ballasts must be connected to electrical ground to avoid electrical shock or damage to the equipment and facility. The installation and wiring must comply with applicable federal, state or provincial codes and regulations.

Core and coil ballasts are insulated with a varnish-like material. This material must be penetrated at the point where the ground connection is made to ensure a good connection. This connection can be made when mounting the ballast to the luminaire, by using a star washer in combination with one of the mounting bolts.

Grounding of the Lamp Socket Shells
The Canadian Electrical Code (Part 1 (1994) Rule 30-314) requires grounding of lamp socket shells; refer to the connection diagrams. In circuits with two lamps in series, the socket shell is non-hazardous, provided that the removal of the lamp electrically isolates the shell.

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