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Venture's open fixture rated MP and MPI lamps contain protective quartz shrouds which helps contain hot particles in the lamp within the event of an arc tube rupture. Open fixture rated metal halide lamps offer significant advantages for end-users, including:
• Meet requirements of the new 2005 National Electric Code
•  Do not require a luminaire lens, delivering more light
• Continuous operation
  - 24/7/365 - No shut-off required
• Block nearly all damaging UV output with UV Shield® technology
• Can be used in open or enclosed luminaires
   - Meet ANSI criteria for use in open luminaires
• Arc tube surrounded by a shroud
• Meets ANSI criteria for open fixture use
• Lower luminaire costs
• Easier lamp replacement
• Recommended by the insurance industry


UV Shield® Technology
As an added benefit, most Venture lamps feature UV Shield. These lamps contain specially-treated quartz shrouds that reduce ultraviolet light output by up to 80% more than regular metal halide lamps; That's nearly all UV output. UV light emissions cause fading and damage to plastics and fabrics. UV Shield lamps reduce "yellowing" of polycarbonate luminaire lenses to ensure extended maximum light output while providing superior white light.

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Laboratory tests demonstrate that the UV Shield feature extends the life of a polycarbonate luminaire lens from six to ten times longer than a standard metal halide lamp.

To realize these multiple benefits, specify Venture MP or MPI lamps for your installation. Venture Lighting is an industry leader and carries a complete line of open rated lamps, the most available in the industry.

Open Fixture Lamp Leader
Venture began producing metal halide lamps that contain a protective shroud in 1989. With the new change in the NEC, effective January 1, 2005, Venture again is ahead of the game refusing to sell "S" rated lamps as of 2000. Venture Lighting is building lighting systems with safety in mind; Your safety.


  Ruptured arc tube contained within the intact outer jacket of a Venture MP open rated lamp

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