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  400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Ballasts


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Venture's ballast products represent many years of experience in ballast design and manufacturing. Venture offers ballasts for all HID lighting sources including standard probe start and pulse start metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.


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400W HPS Ballast 60Hz ANSI S51
Venture Catalog
Input Voltage Frequency Circuit Type
V90J1911 400 S51 120 / 277 / 347 60 CWA
V90D1912 400 S51 120 / 208 / 240 / 277 60 CWA
V90Y1912T 400 S51 480 / 120T 60 CWA
V90AS1950 400 S51 600 / 347 60 CWI
V90E1950 400 S51 120 / 240 60 CWI
V90P1950T 400 S51 208 60 CWI
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