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Grocery Store Lighting
• For brighter colors on produce and other items
• For a brighter, more appealing atmosphere in any store location

Parking Garage Lighting
• High quality white light - reduce the risk of crime and vandalism
• More effective light than HPS lamps

Enhaced Color Lighting
• Superior color rendering
• Perfect for car dealerships -
  Draw attention to bright colors

Large Open Spaces
• Lower audible noise and improved lumen maintenance with Opti-Wave™ Ballasts
• Bring the natural color of daylight indoors!


Security Lighting
• Improve security and increase distance viewing with the natural light of daylight
• Provide clearer images for security cameras

Retail Lighting
For a more appealing shopping atmosphere



Natural White Links
• Natural White Tech Center
• Applications
• FAQ's
• Natural White Lamps


Roadway Lighting
• Brighter - more scotopic light for better peripheral vision
• Compared to HPS, Natural White uses less energy for better night vision



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