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  What Are Scotopic Lumens?
Published lumen ratings are based on the "photopic" lumen ("P"), or light measurement based on daytime observations. Lumen measurements, corrected for nighttime vision, are known as "scotopic" lumens ("S"). The ratio of light measured by the 2 methods is called the "S/P ratio". The S/P ratio for white-blue (5000K daylight) light sources is 2.1. At 4000K the ratio is 1.65, and for HPS lamps the ratio is 0.64. As a result, 4000K light sources are at least twice as effective for viewing at night and 5000K, at least 3 times as effective as HPS sources at the same at the same photopic illumination.
Lamps with high scotopic-content and high S/P ratios, such as Venture's Natural White lamps, also improve the ability to see indoors. Human studies have shown that the S/P values, though previously applicable to only nighttime conditions, can be used to describe the "effective lumens" of indoor lighting as well. For example, if two rooms are lighted separately with 4000K and 5000K lamps to equal photopic luminance, the 5000K room will appear 13% brighter (2.1/1.65)0.5 .!

With Opti-Wave™ Ballasts
Purchase as a system for:

• Improved lamp lumen maintenance (90%!)
• Improved ballast efficiency
• Lower audible ballast noise


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Natural White® 950 Series

Natural sunlight at 5000K


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Natural White Lamps


Perfect for any application
• High CRI Lighting (90+)
• 5000K, The Color of Natural Sunlight
• Visual Color Uniformity
• Spectral emission in all parts of the visible spectrum and in the near UV










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