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Venture's Natural White®pulse start metal halide
lighting systems

Clearer, Sharper, Crisper!
High CRI Lighting (90+),
5000K, The Color of Natural Sunlight and Spectral emission in all parts of the visible spectrum

Compare the Technologies
  Natural White™ 950 Series
5000K - 90+ CRI
  Ceramic metal halide
4000K - 90 CRI
  Compact Fluorescent
3500K - 80+ CRI

Superior Color Rendering
What could be more natural than sunlight? Introducing Venture's Uni-Form® pulse start Natural White™ metal halide systems. With Natural White, blues are true blue, reds are more vibrant, whites are whiter, and skin tones look like they're under the sun. Natural White 950 Series lamps, with a color temperature of 5000K and a CRI of 90+, bring daylight indoors!

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Natural White Lamps


Bring Daylight Indoors!

• Superior color rendering - objects appear as they would outdoors

• Work spaces look brighter Tasks, such as reading, become easier to perform

• Excellent color uniformity and stability over life of lamp due to formed body arc tube

• Designed for open luminaires - Shrouded arc tube with ANSI type O rating - Operate continuously without weekly shutdowns - Complies with 2005 NEC

• Longer lamp life (20,000+ hours) with 70% survival at rated life

• Don't be left in the dark - 50% faster warm-up time than ceramic or standard metal halide systems

• Hot restart in less than half the time of ceramic metal halide lamps

• Less breakage during shipping and fewer points of failure due to weldless construction of lamps



Perfect for any application
• High CRI Lighting (90+)
• 5000K, The Color of Natural Sunlight
• Visual Color Uniformity
• Spectral emission in all parts of the visible spectrum and in the near UV

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